Designed in collaboration with Alrov Luxury Hotels’ vision and commitment to excellence and execution, and in partnership with world-renowned architects Moshe Safdie and Hall of Fame Piero Lissoni, Mamilla Hotel is an extraordinary venue offering style, exclusivity, retreat and comfort.


Moshe Safdie‘s appointment as Alrov Mamilla project architect, places the Mamilla Hotel and the overall Alrov Mamilla project amongst some of the most important and visually arresting developments in the world. Heeding Jerusalem law which dictates that all new construction utilizes Jerusalem Stone – a local limestone with a distinctive, light hue, designed to protect and respect the city’s precious architectural beauty – Safdie has created a stunning structure that emanates the characteristic shine of the stone, and in doing so has developed a true Jerusalem aesthetic that is both modern and in keeping with the very ancient walls and buildings next door.


Piero Lissoni brings to the Mamilla a wealth of product and furniture design, interiors and architectural experience, all of which have firmly positioned him as one of the most globally respected and in-demand designers currently working. Working alongside Lissoni was Israeli architect Rona Levin.
Lissoni’s signature paired-back, Italian minimalist aesthetic – a debut for a Jerusalem hotel – is magnificently contextualized and framed by the historic Jerusalem architecture, and through unique emboldening touches, producing an extraordinary result when housed in Safdie’s modern classic edifice.


Style has an indelible connection to architecture and interior design, and Moshe Safdie and Piero Lissoni have therefore coupled the unique culture of its location with flawless luxury.